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About Us


artmouth Park Talks


a series of discussions and dialogue bringing local people together to explore the challenging issues of our time: from climate change to human rights”

We seek to make the most of the wealth of knowledge and experience in the area and around it including filmmakers, journalists, writers and politicians and many others. We recognise the value all can bring to shaping the ideas and action we need for change.  

Please come along to learn, discuss, debate or just have a drink and listen. Our talks are informal and friendly.

Co-convenors & Organisers


Farhana Yamin

Farhana Yamin is an internationally recognised climate change lawyer, strategist and activist. She has lived in  Dartmouth Park for 30 years with her husband and four children all of whom attended local schools. 


Maya de Souza

Maya works in public policy. She has a background in community politics, as a councillor and before that, a legal aid and trade union lawyer. She has lived in Dartmouth Park for over ten years. 


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