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May 24th 7.45pm Sex, Identity and the Smartphone Generation

Updated: May 14, 2020

Consent, pleasure, respect, body confidence, LGBT+ issues, sex positivity, victim blaming, the gendered impact of porn and “sexting”… kids these days have a lot on their plate. How can young people become critical consumers of media and social media – and how can parents become comfortable about talking openly with teenagers? Outspoken comedian Sara Pascoe – author of Animal: The Autobiography of a Female Body – targets these and other challenging topics alongside Yoan Reed – RSE (relationships and sex education) Educator and Facilitator for schools and families; Meg Veit – “near-peer” Young People’s Service Manager for sexual health charity Dhiverse; and Curtis Yeboah, who is involved with Brook, the charity which promotes sexual health and wellbeing for under-25s. Chaired by Leah Jewett (SRE Working Group Lead at the Women’s Equality Party

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