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Being Transgender

Being transgender: why the future is not female it is non-binary!Who: Safi YuleWhen:Thursday 14thNovember2019, arrivals 7.00pm(self-purchasefood/drink); talk begins promptly 8pmWhere: The Star pub, 47 Chester Rd, Highgate, London N19 5DFUnderstanding and deconstructing gender can bring up strong reactions, biases and emotionswhich some individuals find difficult. Thisbreadth of emotions feeds ondeeply internalised societal conditioningwhich build on misconceptions around the difference between sex, gender and gender expression. This talk given by a local transgender activist will demystify how the gender binary operates and demonstrate why it is so harmful for everyone. It will examine how gender roles and segregation are enforced evenpre-birthand cemented through toys, clothes, media, education and parental expectations. It will explain what being transgender actually meansday to day, highlighting the positive role being played by transgender people in the fight for equality by rejecting the rigid labels we put on people. Feminism has made huge strides,but the audience will be invited to question whether the fight for equality based on the gender binaryis worth it. Is it time to ditch feminism and embrace nonbinarypolitics which isgenerating an entirely new and exciting way of talking about forms of equalityfor all?This third Dartmouth Park talk in 2019 is in response to many people who wanted to explore the complex new terrain of gender identity and the future of gender politics and feminism. The talk will be given by Safi Yule, a local resident and transgender activist. Please come along to hear to share your views and contribute to this important discussion.*********************************PS.As you know this popular talks series has been revived and re-booted by two locals, Maya de Souza and Farhana Yamin. We have exciting new plans for new kinds of talks and venues for 2020 but we do need your ideas and logistical support. Please contact us by email if you are able to spend a few hours every month. We especially need help with creating a new website, email management & social media. Please emailus on

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